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What To Ask When Hiring A Professional Videographer

You've decided that your brand needs video. Now you need to decide on who to hire. It can feel a bit intimidating to work with someone from a completely different field. We made a checklist of what you should ask professionals when you are looking to hire a video company.


What does their reel look like?

Video professionals typically don't have resumes. When you work with so many different companies on a per-project basis, it just doesn't make sense. So instead of asking for a list of old jobs, ask to see their reel. You'll get a feel for what style videos they produce along with the quality you can expect.

How big is their crew?

After you describe your project, ask the video professional about their crew. Are they thinking of bringing in 20 people to produce an Instagram video? Are they promising to create a television show with one person and an iPhone? Be sure the size of their crew makes sense for the size of your project.

Are they insured?

Filming involves people and expensive gear. Ideally, no one gets hurt and nothing gets broken. But we all know accidents happen. Make sure your professional has General Liability Insurance to cover injuries to people and damages to property. Equipment insurance covers damages to the professional's gear. Don't just take their word for it. Ask for COI (copy of insurance) when you start your project to make sure you and the professional are covered.

What is their personality style?

Like any relationship - personal or professional - personality matters. Talk with the professional to get a feel for how they work. Are you both at the same speed? Does their energy excite you? Do they listen as much as they talk? You're going to have to work with them, and it's always better to work with someone you get along with.


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