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What Crew Do I Need To Make My Video?

Filming a video is much more than just pressing the record button on a camera. Regardless of the size of your production, there are three key elements you absolutely need to make any video. Working with someone who really understand each of these will elevate your project.

video production


This one is obvious: you can't film a video without a camera. Regardless of the kind of camera you are using, you need someone who knows how to use it. A good camera operator knows the ins and outs of the settings to get the most out of the gear. Not only will they be tech savvy, but they will also be bringing their creativity to your shots. A simple adjustment can turn your shot from amateur to professional.


You cannot have video without light. I would argue this is the number one thing between a "bad" video and a "good" video. Amateur videos tend to be under or over exposed, making it nearly impossible to see what is going on. In the video world, the dedicated lighting person is called a Gaffer. They control the light during a shoot by setting up lights, adding diffusion, and setting up flags. It sounds a little complicated, right? That's why large productions have a team of gaffers.


It sounds counter intuitive, but getting good audio should be prioritized over getting good video. Really. You can cover bad video with still photos or b-roll. If your audio is messy, it's distracting and makes it difficult to understand what is going on. A sound operator not only sets up the audio gear, but monitors the microphones throughout the shoot. They make sure background noises don't creep into your recording to ensure clean audio.

All In One

AWV specializes in small productions. Some projects don't need a large crew, so I'm trained in all aspects of production. However, I have a list of my go-to crew when we get hired for large projects. That is one reason why hiring a professional video production company or professional videographer is crucial. We have all of the industry connections to hire the expert for each aspect of making a video.


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