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Translating Your Brand To Video

You are the expert on your brand. But how do you share that through video? Professional video production companies specialize in taking the larger picture and breaking it down into small bites. Here are just a couple of ways we translate your brand to video.

video editing


The choice between an iPhone and Samsung is style. It's not the style of the phone itself - because let's be real, a smart phone is a smart phone - but it's the feeling the brand invokes. Your brand has an image, and you want to make sure every one of your videos shows that. You want to make sure your video captures the spirit of your brand. From the images, to the tone of your voice, to the editing style, each aspect of the video creates a feeling.


Your brand mission is important to who your brand is. You want to make sure all of your videos touch upon it. There is a fine line between highlighting an issue and lecturing your audience on an issue. What percentage of your video should be about your mission? Is it the first thing you mention or the last? There are strategies for getting your brand mission across in your videos, but there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Product or Service

Your video - above all else - needs to represent what your company does. How many times have you seen an ad and you ask, "what were they selling?" Consumers are constantly bombarded with information. If they see a "mysterious" ad, they don't have the time to go look up what company put it out and what that company does. While you want your videos to be memorable, you want to make sure they are clear and concise.


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