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Should You Use Autoplay on Your Website Videos?

Having a video on your landing page increases your organic search traffic by 157% ( It can be tempting to use the Autoplay function - making your video play as soon as someone lands on your page. However, there are a several good reasons to disable Autoplay.

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Accessibility of your website

People who are vision impaired often use a Text to Speech app to read websites out loud. Autoplay videos will drown out the TTS reader, making it extremely difficult for someone to access the information on your website.

Autoplay has higher bounce rates

Websites with autoplay videos have a higher bounce rate, and it's not hard to see why. A sudden, loud noise is very disorienting. The quickest way to silence the video is to just close the entire website. High bounce rates means most of the visitors to your website are not spending enough time to learn anything about your brand.

High data charges

Video streaming uses a lot of data. Visitors viewing your website on a mobile device may be conscious of how much cellular data they can use. With autoplay enabled, your website is draining all of your visitor's data. This can contribute to why websites with Autoplay have such high bounce rates. Besides that, you want visitors to be able to check on your website without fear of high cellphone bills.


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