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The One Thing Your Brand Video Absolutely Needs

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

You spend the time and the money to create a video. It goes through the harsh editing process. Finally you have a polished piece ready to share on all of your social. You reach your target audience, they watch your video, and then ... nothing. You shared your message, but did you tell your audience what to do next? The Call to Action is the most important component of your marketing video.

call to action

What should your audience do?

First and foremost, your Call to Action should tell your audience what you want them to do. Are they signing up for an email list? Are they visiting your website? Are they giving you a call? You want to be explicit with easy-to-follow directions. Take the guess work out of it, so your audience doesn't have to do the thinking.

Why should your audience follow your CTA?

You pitched your brand, but what if your audience isn't quite convinced yet? Seal the deal with an enticing Call to Action. Think of Geiko: "A 15 minute call can save you 15% or more on car insurance." The CTA is clear - give us a call. The why is attractive - save money. Tell your audience how following your CTA will make their lives better.

Be responsive

Inquiries are like Ice Cream. If you open it up right out of the freezer, it tastes delicious! But let it sit out for a couple of days, and well ... you get disappointed. Whatever your Call to Action may be - a phone call, an inquiry button, or website - make sure that you are ready to receive it right away. Customers often like to shop around, and if you take days to answer their question, you can assume they've found someone else. Double and triple check your links, your phone number, and your form submissions. Make sure everything works the way it should. And of course, make sure someone is there on the other end to respond immediately.


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