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How to Use Video to Solidify Your Brand Identity

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Video is just another way for companies to create a cohesive brand identity. Traditionally, brand identity is expressed in graphic design elements such as logos, typography, and colors. However, today's conscious consumers want more. Video is the way to showcase your brand's purpose, culture, and personality.

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What is your brand's purpose? Besides making money, of course. What was the reason you started your company? Are you looking to expand financial literacy? Provide an ethically sourced product? Bring new perspective to an old industry? The purpose of your brand should help guide you in your marketing. Every video should touch upon your purpose - even if it's only a single sentence or visual. Help remind your customers (and yourself!) why you're here.


Culture is often used to sell a company to a potential employee. A great work/life balance, open discussions, and company perks are ways that brands attract top talent. Not only does your culture appeal to your employees, but it appeals to your customers. People want to buy from a caring company. Behind the Scenes videos are a great way to showcase the company culture. If your employees enjoy working for you, people will enjoy buying from you.


Video is the ultimate tool to express your personality. Financial brands tend to be more serious, showcasing their commitment and knowledge. Tech companies tend to be futuristic. Quirky products tend to be sold by quirky companies. Your videos should match your brand. If you are selling an adventure experience, having a talking head video doesn't represent your brand well. Having people joking around in a video for a tax auditor doesn't convey a sense of security. There is no one "right" way to make a video. The important thing is the feeling of the video aligns with the personality of your brand.


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