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Leave Your Mark On Every Video You Post

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Video posts are shared 1200% more than text and image posts. Yes - 1200% more. Shares are exactly what a brand needs to reach potential customers. But just because you have a compelling video doesn't mean it will turn into more revenue. Branding your videos correctly will ensure the audience is always directed back to your company.


What is a Bug?

Bugs are a great way to brand your video. Typically found in the lower right hand corner, a bug is similar to a watermark. While a watermark typically takes up the entire image to prevent others from using it, a bug is supposed to be unobtrusive. You want people to share your content! But you want that content to be credited to your company. By putting your logo in the corner, your video will always be linked back to you.

Why do I need a Bug?

When people hit "share" on Facebook, they automatically share a link to the original post. That's great if your company is the original poster. But what if someone found your video on Youtube and shared it on Facebook? What if someone downloaded your video and re-uploaded it to a different platform? There are a lot of instances where your video may be living somewhere that doesn't have a direct link back to your company. Having a Bug in the corner keeps brands your video.


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