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How Tutorial Videos Can Help Grow Your Business

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Video has one of the best ROI for when it comes to marketing and branding. Twenty years ago, making a new video once a year was enough. But with the advent of social media, companies need branded videos every week. So let's talk about the different types of tutorial videos you can make to help boost your social media content.

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Tutorial: How To Use Your Product

Are you selling a product? Tutorial videos are a great way for customers (and more importantly, potential customers) to see how your product works. If you have a complicated product, break each aspect into its own video. Instead of making 1 one-hour long video ("How to Use Our Spreadsheets"), make 20 three-minute videos ("How to Add a New Column or Row in Our Spread Sheet," "How to Create If/Then Statements," "How to Find the Average of a Set of Data"). Short videos strung together into a series of tutorial or how to videos can create endless content for your social media pages, while giving customers easy to access information about your brand.

Tutorial: What to Do Before Visiting Your Company

Are you a service based industry? Some people think that you don't need to create tutorials for an in-person service. However, there are plenty of things customers want to know about your service before they buy. Creating a tutorial video on what happens during your services can put potential customers at ease. Creating a "before you go" video can also help customers be better prepared when they arrive. For example, if you have a waxing company, you can create a video explaining how to wash and exfoliate your legs before their appointment for a less painful leg wax.

Where to Post

YouTube is king when it comes to how to videos. 65% of people use YouTube to solve a problem ( With a built-in audience looking for answers, YouTube is the perfect place to post your tutorial videos. Besides building up your channel, your how-to videos should be posted on all of your social media pages. Do you have a Q&A section on your website? Add your videos there to answer people's questions while bringing a personality to your brand.


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