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The Fun Side Of Marketing

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

We've been talking a lot about branded video content. Videos are one of the best ROI when it comes to marketing. But it can be difficult to think of new content to constantly be sharing (believe me, I know). So this week's branded video tip is both fun and practical: create behind the scenes videos.

behind the scenes

The Practical Side

Behind the Scenes is one of easiest types of videos to make because you already have the content! Your business has a lot of moving parts. Capturing 30-60 second videos of what's going on "behind the curtain" is an easy way to fill up your Instagram profile. The videos can be short and are expected to be less polished than your standard marketing video. While you always want good quality, the less refined look of a BTS video lends authenticity to it. These videos can be quick and cheap to make, but they can still engage your audience.

The Fun Side

Secrets secrets are no fun, unless you tell everyone. There is something exciting about getting an "exclusive" look. Brands have a polished appearance, but it's the behind the scenes stories that make them relatable. This is somewhere you can let your personality really shine. Because it's "behind" the scenes, you are not expected to be as professional. So go ahead - be goofy! Show your fun side!

The Important Side

Just like any branded video, BTS videos are a representation of your company. Never post something that your brand would not stand behind. Do not post any trade secrets (of course). And lastly, make sure any employees that show up behind the scenes feel comfortable being on video.


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