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Looking for new video ideas? Try an “Of the Day” video

"Of the Day" videos are a great way to keep your consumers engaged. Think of it as a vlog of your everyday life, but instead keep it about your business. Document brand highlights and progress of your business. Here are three tips to help you get started creating "Of the Day" videos.

of the day video, brand highlights, brand goals

1) Select a topic that highlights your brand

"Of the Day" videos position your brand to be a Thought Leader in a particular space. If you are a tax firm, your "of the day" video posts should all be about tax law. The goal is to keep the topic on brand for your company. By creating daily tips and examples, you position your brand as an expert on the subject matter.

2) Post an example of that topic each day

Engage with your audience by posting a tip each day. For example, if you're a tax firm, you can post "Tax Tip of the Day," listing a different type of write-off expense each day. No tip is too small. Sharing these insights with your audience provides value while keeping your business top of mind.

3) Keep it simple! Share only one product or tip per day

No need to give an elaborate example, keep it short and concise. For example, if you're a makeup brand, post a single tip on how to apply your eyeliner better. Don't worry about going into a five-step process on how to complete a full look. The "of the day" videos should be bite-sized information. Keeping it simple will further help you come up with more ideas to post each day.


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