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Looking for new video ideas? Try a Milestone video

A milestone video can represent your business' success and growth. A milestone is a step towards the ultimate goal. Milestone videos can be a great way to celebrate your success with your audience. Creating a milestone video will show your consumers that you keep them top of mind when it comes to your business and projects. Here are three suggestions for creating a milestone video.

milestone, business success

1) Celebrate your business success

Your success is important so share it with your audience. Let your consumers know that they've invested in the right business. You can celebrate your success by doing giveaways, making "of the day" videos and more. For example, if your business sold out of a top selling brand, make a giveaway campaign to celebrate with your consumers.

2) Milestones can be small or large

Doesn't matter how big or how small, every bit of success counts. Maybe you've finally reached 100k subscribers on YouTube, or maybe you've become one of the best tax firms in the country. Celebrate every milestone. Make every one count and share with your consumers. Let them know that they're appreciated, and that they've made a great decision by doing business with you.

3) Sharing success helps connect you to your audience

Your success is important, especially to your audience. Let them know that these milestones couldn't have happened without their help. Let them see that your business is right for them. For example, if you've sold out of a product that your customers have voted the best, they've helped with making the sellout happen. Acknowledge their importance to your business.


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