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Looking for new video ideas? Try a Day in the Life Video

Especially as a business, it can be difficult to communicate how impactful you are in the lives of your consumers. A day in the life video can frame your story perfectly, allowing your consumers to share their experience, show off how they use your product or service, and brag about you and your company in their own words. A Day in the Life video keeps your consumers engaged in your business. Here are three tips for making a "Day in the Life" video to promote your business.

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1) Give your customers a peak behind the curtain

A "Day in the Life" video is a video that walks the viewer through a typical day of someone using your product or service. For example, you can make a video of how you make a certain shade of lipstick for your makeup brand. Post your video to Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and even YouTube to reach all of your audiences. Let your consumers see what you're working on, and why they should support your business.

2) Share how your products are created

A "Day in the Life" video is a great way to show your audience how your products are made. Give them a show and let them see the process of how their favorite products are made. For example, if you're a supplement store, show them how their favorite protein powder is made and packaged for sales.

3) Focus on just one aspect of your company per video

It will get very overwhelming trying to broadcast every aspect of your business into a single video. The good thing about "Day in the Life' videos is that you can make multiple. For each video, we suggest sticking to a specific aspect. For example, one day you can show how a product is made and the next you can show the process of packaging and distribution. You don't have to highlight every detail in one video. The more videos, the more content you have to post.


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