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Looking for new video ideas? Try remaking an old video

It's hard trying to find fresh and interesting content for the internet in this day and age. A good content marketer knows how important it is to get the most out of their work. You can do that by "recycling" your content into a new video. Choose something that consumers loved and remake a video with fresh new updates. Here are three suggestions as to how you can revive and redistribute old content by making a video.

remake an old video, popular post

1) Choose a popular post that was shared a while ago

First, you should choose a post you wish to "bring back to life". It helps if you categorize your content by popular posts, editorial posts, and old posts. For example, if your goal is to keep consumers top of mind, maybe pick a popular post that they engaged with.

2) Keep the same topic, but update the details

The climate of the internet is always changing, so make sure you keep that in mind when updating the details of your posts. Update the details to make it relevant to today's trends and society. For example, if you provided statistics that date back to 2018, find new ones that correlate from a more recent year. Make sure your video has your most up-to-date branding, colors, and logos.

3) Some topics need to be updated more often than others

Videos that talk about the latest trends or technology can be recycled more often. If you are a marketing agency, you may post a "best marketing tool" video every month, since digital marketing is always evolving. Don't be afraid that your audience "already watched" your old videos. By updating the content, you are providing new value to your consumers.


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