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Easiest Way to Create Video Content

There is a LOT you can do to repurpose video content for your social media accounts, making new posts and bringing in even more potential clients or customers. If you aren't already remixing some of your own content, we suggest new year, new marketing strategy! Here are ideas on how to easily make new content by using videos you already have.

repurpose video content for social media

1) Post Soundbites

Soundbites are the perfect way to make your content bite-sized, leaving your target audience wanting more. It's also a great way to yeild additional content after you've expended energy and resources to create a long video. Now that you have polished, edited content, take that and export soundbites from it. These can be 10-30 second snippets of a thought, a couple of sentences, or anything that can quickly grab the attention of social media users. We use this strategy all the time when we edit Podcast videos. It’s a great way to get people interested in watching your longer videos, but without having to film separate “promo” materials for it.

2) Post Bloopers

Everyone has bloopers! Bloopers are perfect to share on Instagram or TikTok because they are short and funny. Plus, they're a great way to make you look more relatable. Just make sure you don’t post anything inappropriate or too “off brand” (if your brand sells kids toys, don’t post a blooper with someone cursing). When posting bloopers, however, context is key. Think about it: Bathing suits make sense at the beach, but you'd never wear one into the office (unless there are a lot of office pool parties we've been missing out on?). Posting silly videos of you messing up your lines or actions is fun and appropriate for sites like TikTok. But on your website, LinkedIn, and other professional platforms, you need to present yourself in a polished, professional way.

3) Reshare Old Videos

This might sound a bit like cheating, but hear us out: Social media is a goldfish. There is such an abundance of content that most users scroll through every day, people aren't going to remember what you posted last month (or last week, for that matter). So long as the post/information is still accurate and relevant, feel free to share again! Along the same vein, the mass amount of content users encounter means it's typical to miss posts even from accounts or tags they follow. Resharing old videos gives more users exposure to your content and boosts your account's visibility.


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