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Looking for new video ideas? Try a 30 Day Challenge video

30 Day Challenges can be a fun way for your consumers to interact with your business. Not only does this create consistent content for your brand to post, but it also engages your audience to interact with your page. Here are three tips to get started with your 30 Day Challenge videos.

30 day challenge, brand goals

1) Choose a single goal that is related to your brand

Talk with your team to figure out the ultimate goal of each challenge. Think about if you want more sales, or more customer success stories, etc. For example, if you're a bookstore, create a 30 Day reading challenge. Your business goal will help determine your challenges as well as the consumers who participate in it. Take a look at what other brands do to engage with their consumers, and see how you can adjust it to reach your audience.

2) Make each day’s goal small and attainable

Having a single goal each day will make your 30-day challenge fun and easy. The challenge should be a goal for which your company can be an "accountability partner" to your audience. For example, if you're an eco-friendly business, encourage your consumers to try no plastic for 30 days. That may sound overwhelming, so break your challenge into smaller goals for each day. Day one could be not using plastic straws. Day two could be not using plastic grocery bags. Build up over the 30 days to achieve a larger goal.

3) Be sure to post daily updates on how your brand is completing the challenge

Encourage your audience to share their progress by posting updates every day. We suggest that you update your consumers on how you completed the challenge for the day. Ask for feedback from your audience to see how they are enjoying the 30-day challenge. For example, if you're a bookstore, create a video post asking your audience to tag the author of the book they just finished reading.


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