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How to Make a Trivia Video

There's just something fun about trivia. Fun Fact videos should absolutely be in your repertoire of social media content. Here is a list of our ideas for what to include in your next trivia video.


List Fun Facts about Your Brand

What is something unique about your brand? How did it get started? What kind of people work for your company? Does your brand have any traditions?

Give Statistics about the Type of Services Your Provide

What is the best way to use your services? What problems does your services solve? How often should people use your services? What do professionals recommend? When was your type of service first invented? What's the history of it?

Find Common Problems and List Solution Related to your Products

Create a video based around a problem, and incorporate your product as one of the solutions. As an example, here are the types of trivia videos you can create to help promote a brand of tea. "How To Get Better Sleep," "Why Antioxidants Are Your Best Friends," and "How To Be Ready For That 8am Zoom Meeting." Not each "trivia fact" should be about your tea, but it's easy to slip your product into each of these videos.

Hashtags to Use


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