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How to Add a Facebook Cover Video

Social Media just may be the biggest marketing tool for your brand. It's important to utilize every free aspect that sites like Facebook have to offer. One of those things is the Cover Video. Do you need one? Absolutely. Is it easy to do? Well...we're here to make it easy.

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Video Resolution

Your cover video should be 820x462, so be sure to set your sequence resolution to that before you begin creating a video. That being said, Facebook will add a slight crop for anyone viewing on a mobile app. That resolution is 640x360. So we recommend that any text on screen is within the mobile app crop.

Video Content

Facebook recommends your video to be between 20-90 seconds long. You can select to have your video automatically loop when it finishes, or you can have it just end. If you do choose to loop it, make sure the ending frame and looks good next to the starting frame (no cuts to black). Also, 85% of Facebook cover videos are watched without sound. We recommend no voice overs or dialogs in your video. If you want to add sound, only use background music.

How to Upload Your Video

  1. From your news feed, click on the Pages button in your left-hand menu to go to your Page

  2. Upload your video to your page (you must do this step first before adding it as a cover video)

  3. Click the Edit button at the bottom right of your page cover

  4. Select "Choose From Videos"

  5. Click a video from your existing videos list

  6. After the video is uploaded, you can reposition it by clicking and dragging it up or down

  7. Click "Next" once you have it positioned

  8. Use the arrows to scroll through your thumbnail options and select the one you want to use (this is used when someone hovers over your page's name)

  9. Click Save Changes


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