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Why Video is a Game Changer for Marketing

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Everyone knows you have to spend money to make money. But as a small business owner myself, I'm always torn on how much money I need to spend. While I'm creative at my core, I run my business by the numbers. So what is the best bang for your buck?


When it comes to marketing, video is the obvious answer. 89% of video marketers say video gives them a good ROI.* A whopping 95% of marketers say video has helped increase users understanding of their product or service.*

We know video is essential for growing a brand, but where do you start? First, every video you make should go onto Youtube. Because Google owns Youtube, Google pulls search results from the video platform. This means the more tags and keywords you have in Youtube videos, the more likely it is that you will get hits on Google.

Next, be sure to embed those videos onto your website. SEO favors websites that are 1) constantly updated and 2) have videos embedded. So that means when you post new videos, be sure they are being used on your website to optimize your search results.

Lastly, post video on all of your social. On average, where marketers use video channels, 79% of them report success*. So whether you are on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Snapchat, video should be utilized.

*Stats came from Wyzowl December 2019 Survey:


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