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Which TikTok Hashtags To Use

What exactly are hashtags? A hashtag is a # symbol, followed by words, acronyms, phrases, numbers, or sometimes even emojis. Hashtags help categorize content on social media. Specifically, TikTok hashtags help the TikTok algorithm find content and label it. TikTok hashtags are also clickable, meaning when users click on them, they can find all content under the category. Here are our tips on how to utilize hashtags on TikTok.

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1) What Hashtags are best to use on TikTok?

Hashtags are very powerful, so you want to make sure that you have a solid marketing hashtag strategy. Applying the correct TikTok hashtags on your content will increase your visibility and reach, help you identify potential collaborators, and can even help you identify competitors. The best hashtags to use on TikTok depends on your specific content. For example, if you are posting a workout video, some hashtags you may want to use would be #workout #workoutinstructionalvideo #lifestyle #fitness. You want to utilize the most descriptive language you can when creating hashtags for your content, and it may even benefit you to look at your competition, to see which hashtags they are using.

2) Hashtags help the algorithm organize videos

The TikTok algorithm is also one of the most important reasons to use specific hashtags on your content, because it shows viewers what they want to see. In our previous blog, we discuss how the TikTok Algorithm works, and how it decides which videos to display to users on their For You page, depending on their specific video views and video engagements. Adding hashtags to your videos will help the algorithm share your content with those interesting in seeing those specific hashtags. People are also able to follow particular hashtags, so your content will show up in their For You Page eventually, even if they aren’t following your direct account.

3) Captions limit to 100 Characters

You will notice when posting your TikTok videos that there is a 100-character caption limit. You can apply TikTok hashtags in your caption, but if 100 characters is not quite enough, you can add more hashtags in the comments section of your video. The algorithm doesn’t prioritize these hashtags to the same level as those in the caption, but it is a way to boost your opportunity for discovery in search. There is no disadvantage to maxing out the hastags in your caption section in addition to adding hastags in your comments section, so make sure to utilize each section until you feel you have the correct amount of hashtags needed for your video.

4) Use trending hashtags to reach a wider audience

To make sure you are getting the most eyes on your content, you want to incorporate trending TikTok hashtags. One of the secrets to doing this is to mix popular hashtags with branded new ones that you create yourself. By integrating both types of hashtags, you will reach both wide and narrow audiences with your content. An additional tip when researching trending hashtags for your content is to look at your competitors and see which hashtags they are using, so you can repurpose for your own similar videos.


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