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What is Video Marketing?

Small businesses are always looking for the perfect marketing strategy. One that effectively reaches new audiences with a strong ROI. That's where video marketing comes in. If you're wondering, "what is video marketing, and what role does it play in digital marketing?" or, "how will video marketing positively impact sales," I have all the information you need. Here are three things you need to know about video marketing for your business.

What is Video Marketing?

1) Digital Marketing is using the internet to market your brand

Digital marketing is any form of marketing online. If you have a website or social media such as Instagram, you have a digital presence and can use digital marketing. Digital marketing can be a video ad on Instagram or an audio ad on a podcast. According to research in 2020, 91.8% of Americans use the internet! Digital marketing isn't just for social media, either. With the right tools such as search engines, email, and other websites, you can connect with current and prospective customers and anyone who has internet access. Video marketing is a key proponent of digital marketing.

2) Video marketing is using videos to promote your brand

What is video marketing? Video marketing is the use of video to promote your brand and services. For example, one type of video marketing is paid video ads on Facebook. Those are used to reach a targeted demographic. Another type of video marketing is a sponsored YouTube series. Realtors utilize this type of marketing a lot. They create videos that give general tips about home buying and selling, rather than relying on traditional ads. This high-value content is not a sponsored ad but provides their audience with value and name recognition. Potential clients have the realtor's name at the top of mind and link the idea of value to that realtor. Video marketing is a great way for you to increase brand awareness.

3) Video can increase brand awareness by 70%

Why should you use video marketing? Video marketing increases brand awareness by allowing you to show who you are and what you do and communicate your core values to your customers. When a consumer trusts in a brand, they're more likely to return as customers, and advocate for and refer the brand to people they know. Video marketing can increase brand awareness by 70%, increase traffic by 51% and also increase sales by 34%. With more brand awareness and trust in your brand, video marketing is the perfect way to introduce new clients to your services.


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