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Video Marketing Like a Pro

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Are you ready to incorporate video marketing into your business strategy? You don't have to have a degree in marketing or even film to implement video marketing. Try these three tips to use video marketing like a pro!

video marketing like a pro

1) Use data to make choices

Data is a businesses' best friend when it comes to making decisions. To best utilize video marketing, you need to understand your audience and their behavior. Which means, you should know the types of videos they like to watch, how long those videos are, and where they seek them out.

For example, if a realtor is looking to attract new clients, they might use video marketing to show a virtual walk-through of a house they have on the market. The realtor knows that their potential clients will want to see the specs of the house, each room, and be able to visualize living there. The realtor might have a videographer walk through with them to each room of the house as they describe the elements and highlight the attributes of the home. By using data to understand their audience and what they're looking to watch, the realtor will know which social media platform, such as Facebook, is the right place for their video.

You can find data on your audience through google analytics, surveys, and within social media platforms that track audience engagement. Using SEO (search engine optimized) language will also help you target your key audience because google will prioritize SEO within the written text of the video.

2) Write (and rewrite) your script

Once you've gone through the data and decided which video to make, you'll need to write your script. A good way to start is by jotting down the important points you want to hit, and then incorporating them into the dialogue. Before you film, practice reading your script out loud -- does it sound natural? Do you sound engaging? Do you stumble over any words or phrases? Then, rewrite your script to adjust the language so you can make sure you hit all the points you need to say to engage your viewers.

You will also want to incorporate SEO keywords and phrases within your script to help your video be seen. YouTube and many sites use closed captions in order to categorize content, and Google will scroll through closed captions for search results. For example, if a key phrase is "Tips for finding a contractor," a real estate agency can make a video for YouTube all about home repair tips and use the phrase "finding a contractor" and "tips for finding a contractor" within their script.

3) Utilize good lighting and audio

Finally, once you've got your script finished and you're ready to film, make sure you use good lighting and have adequate audio. Production value makes a huge difference for viewers. It can make or break whether your viewer continues watching the video all the way through or even trusts your expertise and professionalism.

For example, if a realtor's video is poorly lit, it will make the house look bad and be less enticing for the viewer to want to see the home in person. If the viewer can't hear what the realtor is saying in the video, they will click away from the video before finishing it.

It is easier than you think to get the right lighting for your videos. Having the right audio equipment can be expensive but there are ways to workaround for better quality as well.

A sure fire way to get a professional video is to hire a professional like Angela Wolf Video to ensure your brand's videos are done right!


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