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Three Cheap Tips for Getting Better Lighting in Your Videos

Great lighting is crucial to have a perfect video. You don't want the subject to be over exposed or under exposed because it'll be distracting to the content of your video. However, lighting equipment can be expensive, especially if you're filming something big. Here are three tips on how to get better lighting for your videos and find great lighting equipment for cheap.

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1) Place the camera between you and a window

Natural light is one of the easiest ways to light your video. Have your video set up so that you are facing the window and are standing about 3 to 5 feet away. Then, place your camera between you and the window. This natural light set up creates soft lighting to avoid harsh shadows. Be sure to turn off any lights inside of your room. Sunlight has a blue color temperature, and will look funny on camera if mixed with warm interior lights. Turning off background lights will also prevent you from being backlit, and help the camera focus on you instead of the background.

2) Avoid overhead lighting

Overhead lighting may look good in person, but it can look jarring on camera. Ceiling lights create harsh shadows under your eyes, nose, and chin. We suggest you turn off overhead lighting while you are filming to prevent unattractive shadows. Instead, use other lighting, like natural light facing directly towards you, for an even glow.

3) Film outside on cloudy days

Believe it or not, cloudy days are the best for shooting video. The clouds diffuse the sun, which creates soft lighting and prevents harsh shadows. The diffusion also lessens the the brightness of the sun, making it easier to get the right exposure on your camera. Sunny days create harsh shadows. The bright sun often overexposes your shot, and can make your subject squint while trying to look into the camera. Cloudy days are a videographer's best friend.


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