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The Best Way To Stay Connected With Your Audience During COVID

Social Distancing is a must to help keep your customers and your employees safe. But this has created a huge barrier for a lot of small businesses. How can your brand stay connected with clients during the COVID Pandemic? Live Stream could be your answer.

zoom call

Take Your Events Virtual

Thanks to platforms like Zoom and Google Meet, going virtual is easier than you think. Sites like integrate with Zoom, allowing you to make money from your virtual events the same way you would an in-person event.

Offer Virtual Experiences

AirBnB Experiences is another great tool for small businesses. The website is essentially a search engine for people to find something fun to do. They handle the payment processing for you, so you just need to provide the experience. Everything from tarot card readings, to cooking classes, to drag shows are being offered virtually through AirBnB.

Go Live on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram

Besides the many ways you can charge for your video experiences, sometimes offering it for free is the right choice. Offering weekly or monthly live streams on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are great ways to connect with your audience. Offer tips, tricks, news, or stories to help boost your web presence.

Don't Know Where to Start?

From webinars, to Facebook Live, to online classes, Angela Wolf Video has created all different types of live stream videos. We'd be happy to talk with you about your project. Go to to schedule a call.


Do you have a specific video question? Schedule a free video analysis call at


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