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How To Produce Video Content During COVID Restrictions

As the holidays approach, COVID cases are beginning to rise. But for many brands, the end of the year is crucial for sales. How can you continue to reach your audience while staying COVID compliant? One solution is Stock Footage.


100% Remote

Stock Footage is pre-recorded footage that is filmed with the idea that it can be used in a variety of projects. That means instead of needing your team in the office to film a video, you just need an editor. Storyboards, scripts, even voice overs all can be done remotely.

High Quality Content

Stock Footage comes in all shapes and sizes. The best websites offer videos filmed by professionals. That means you can continue to create great content that is full HD (or even 4K) and not have to worry about hiring a crew.

Editing is Key

You're focusing on running your business, and that's why Stock Footage videos are great. For Stock Footage videos, the heavy lifting is done in editing. The success of a good video relies on the editor. The right person can take a short script and turn it into catchy content. Because video posts gets shared 1200% more than photo posts do on social media, Stock Footage videos can be an amazing ROI.

Where to Start?

Angela Wolf Video has created Social Media Content Video Packages. Our goal is to take the burden of constant content creation off of your business. Each package includes videos that are 45-60 seconds long, created with Stock Footage and Royalty Free music, and customized for your brand. We'll work with you to come up with the perfect ideas for each video series. Creating branded videos that offer general tips and tricks or fun facts is the perfect way to keep your brand top-of-mind. Find out more at or give us a call at to find out if Stock Footage videos are right for your brand.


Do you have a specific video question? Schedule a free video analysis call at



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