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Why You Need to Make an Interview Video

One of the best types of brand content is the Interview Video. Interviews allow you to reach new audiences by connecting with and showcasing people outside of your brand. Here are 3 reasons why you need to make an interview video.


Interviewing experts lends credibility to your brand

Working with an expert in your brand's field is a great way to gain credibility. Consumers want to make sure the brands they are using are safe, effective, and solve a problem. An expert's opinion can help audiences feel more comfortable with choosing your brand over another. Even though the interview should not be about your company, the video will show that your brand is focused on what is important. For example: if you are a wine company, interview a sommelier. Instead of having the video be about "what notes do you taste in Brand X wine," focus on general ideas of picking out a good bottle of wine. What practices make a good vineyard? Is sustainability important? How does the vineyard's operations affect the wine?

Interview videos provide value to your audience

Interviews are fun for audiences. It's an opportunity to get to know someone new while learning something interesting. For our wine example, interview a sommelier about how to pair wine with food. This is a broad topic that has a built-in audience. Instead of trying to pitch a brand, you are providing value to an interested consumer.

Working with someone outside of your brand leads to cross promotions

One of the biggest advantages of interviewing someone outside of your brand is utilizing their social media presence. The person you interview will share the video with their followers. Your followers are now introduced to a new person. Cross promotion helps both sides, making interview videos an ideal collaboration project.


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