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Why TikTok is So Popular

TikTok is the newest social media platform to hit the marketing scene, finding large success across a range of audiences and demographics. TikTok may seem targeted towards the younger audience, but all age ranges have flocked to the platform seeking content specifically tailored for them. One of the most unique things about TikTok is the vast variety of content creators and audiences who post and consume content daily on the platform. Even though TikTok’s videos are short, you can find everything from cute dog videos to how to make the perfect overnight oats. Here are the top reasons why TikTok is so popular.

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1) TikTok’s algorithm shows viewers what they want to see

The TikTok algorithm is also one of the most important reasons TikTok is so popular, because it shows viewers what they want to see. In our previous blog, we discuss how the TikTok Algorithm works, and how it decides which videos to display to users on their For You page, depending on their specific video views and video engagements. The algorithm prioritizes videos with a high engagement to view ratio and shows them to users more frequently on their For You page. For instance, if a user consistently interacts with food videos, TikTok will push more food videos to that user. This is how the algorithm will increasingly tailor the results to the specific user.

2) Views are not based on follower count

One of the great equalizers of TikTok, and another reason TikTok is so popular, is because the TikTok algorithm does not favor content creators with high follower counts. This is distinctly different from many other social media platforms. TikTok wants to give every content creator the opportunity to go “viral”, meaning their video spreads quickly and widely on the internet through social media. Every time the video starts to play (regardless of how long), TikTok count that as one "View." The TikTok algorithm shows us that marketers should focus on gaining engagements and views on their TikTok videos, which allows for the best opportunity for your video to go viral. Part of the marketing appeal of TikTok to marketers is the opportunity for anyone to have a hit video that can be seen by thousands, if not millions, of viewers. For instance, a local t-shirt business creates a video about the t-shirt making process that is so catchy it goes viral. That means now a small business has been seen by thousands of people internationally. This means more brand awareness, ultimately equating to more potential customers.

3) TikTok creates a Sense of Community

Creating a sense of community is an additional way that TikTok stands out from the crowd amongst other social media platforms. TikTok not only wants to be a place where users find content, but where people can come together to gather information on interests and brands they enjoy. From a content creator perspective, TikTok is so popular because these creators can focus on creating content for a small niche area if they so choose. For example, family owned restaurants can create content for Restaurant TikTok, showcasing their talents with a larger community audience outside of the local clientele they serve.

The communities of TikTok are extremely loyal to their causes and their favorite creators, whether they be someone’s personal account or their business’ account.


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