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Where Zoom Recording is Saved

Our last blog post talked about how to record a Zoom meeting. Once enabled, you have the option to record to the cloud or locally record. Recording to the cloud creates a shareable link to the video recording. This is a great way to share the video with multiple people. However, Zoom has limited storage space for your recordings. Saving the video locally means it is downloaded to your device. While this is harder to share, the video quality is higher and you do not have to worry about limited space.

zoom recording, save recorded meeting

1) While hosting a meeting, click “Record” on the bottom bar

While in your Zoom meeting, you can record "manually" by clicking the record button at the Botton of the screen. Keep in mind only the host is capable of recording the meeting, unless the host grants participants permission to record. To record the meeting, click on the circle that says "Record" towards the bottom right hand side of your screen.

2) Choose to save it to your computer or to the Cloud

After clicking the "Record" button at the bottom of your screen, Zoom gives you an option to choose "Local Recording" or "Cloud Recording". Choose which option is best for your needs. Local recording saves the Zoom video and audio files directly to your computer, and saves a higher resolution version of your video. Cloud recording allows you to record to the Zoom cloud (also known as online storage) and includes options such as audio transcription. Audio transcription is only available if you cloud record your Zoom meetings.

3) When the recording ends, choose where to save the file

For local recording, you can save the files in the default folder or change their location. The files include: the video(s), an audio only version(s) of the meeting and the text of the chat if available. For cloud recording, a message will appear when you want to end the recording. You are able to see your recorded meetings under your Zoom Profile. Open the Zoom app on your computer and log in. On the top left side of the screen, there is header labeled "Upcoming" and "Recorded." Click "Recorded" to view all of your Zoom meetings that were recorded to the cloud.


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