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Which Zoom Plan is Best?

Zoom has become a prominent tool for businesses. From meetings to classes, Zoom provides what you need to make life a little more convenient. Here are three plans Zoom provides to offer you the best services.

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1) Basic is free - perfect for meetings with friends and family

The "Free Forever" plan on Zoom offers a lot of great features. Zoom allows you to host meetings with up to 100 participants, which is more than enough for personal or even business meetings. You can have unlimited one-to-one meetings for up to 30 hours per meeting. Keep in mind that with the free plan, you are able to have unlimited group meetings, but only 40 minutes per meeting. This plan is not a free trial - it is free forever - so enjoy the benefits at zero cost.

2) Pro is $15/month - ideal for entrepreneurs who use Zoom for work

With Zoom's Pro plan, you get all the benefits of the free plan with extra advantages. Unlike the free basic plan, the Pro plan gives you a maximum of 30 hours per group meeting. For an additional $15/month/license, you can purchase up to 9 licenses per Pro account. With each license you receive 1GB of cloud recording, which allows you to stream your recordings on social media. This plan is great for small teams and businesses. The Pro plan allows you to increase the amount of participants from 100 to 1,000 with the extra purchase of the "Large Meetings" add-on.

3) Business is $20/month/license - built for businesses that host larger meetings

Zoom's Business plan gives you all the benefits of the Pro plan with added amenities for your convenience. Your participant maximum is automatically increased to 300 participants per meeting - no add-ons required. The Business plan lets you record transcripts, include company branding, and manage domains. Unlike the Pro plan, with Zoom's Business plan you're able to purchase up to 99 licenses. However, Business plans require a minimum of 10 licenses - which means your monthly bill starts at $200/month. If you're still looking for more, Zoom offers add-ons such as "Large Meetings," "Zoom Events and Webinars," and "Zoom United."


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