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Can Zoom Breakout Rooms Be Recorded?

Zoom allows you to have breakout rooms or smaller meetings within the same Zoom session. This is convenient if you're teaching a class on Zoom or want your colleagues to communicate ideas. In our previous blog, we've discussed how to record zoom meetings. However, recording a breakout room has different steps. Here are three things you need to know before you record your Zoom breakout rooms.

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1) Breakout rooms divide a large Zoom meeting into smaller sessions

Zoom allows the host to create several smaller meetings within the main meeting. The smaller meetings or breakout rooms can hold several participants between 200-500 people depending on your Zoom plan. With 500 participants, you are able to create a maximum of 20 breakout rooms. With 400 participants, you can create a maximum of 30 breakout rooms. The less amount of participants in a Zoom meeting, the more breakout rooms you're able to create. The host can set a timer for the breakout rooms so that after that set amount of time, all participants are automatically brought back into the general meeting. Keep in mind that the maximum capacities listed may require the "Large Meetings" add-on that you can purchase with the Pro and Business plans.

2) Breakout rooms are not automatically recorded

Zoom meetings can only be recorded by an account present in the meeting. For breakout rooms, that means there is no universal recording for all rooms at once. As the host, make sure you are locally recording and not cloud recording. You are not able to record breakout rooms while cloud recording. To record breakout rooms, a host account with permission in that specific breakout room must record the meeting.

3) Grant permission to record and enable Local Recording

In settings, the host can grant participants permission to record the breakout rooms. Unfortunately, there is no way for one person to record all breakout rooms at once. To grant permission, the host must go to "User Management" in the navigation panel and click "Group Management". Click the group name or breakout room and click the "Meeting" tab. Under "In Meeting", you are able to make multiple co-hosts or grant participants permission to record in their breakout rooms. Keep in mind that co-hosts are not allowed to grant other participants permission to record. You don't have to worry, the main meeting will remain recorded while breakout rooms are recording.


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