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What Does Your Audience Want?

The secret to any good business is listening to your audience. It can be difficult trying to guess what they want from your brand. Take the guess work out while creating new video content by creating a Q&A video.


Ask Your Audience

Reach out to your clients on social media and ask for feedback. Instagram has the perfect feature for this. Create a story on your Instagram profile, and select the "Questions" sticker. For 24 hours, your followers can submit questions right through Instagram. Compile the questions in a spreadsheet (so they don't disappear with your story). Try asking a range of questions from broad ("what new products are you most excited about?") to specific ("what is the hardest yoga pose?"). The questions can be about your brand, your products, or your services.

Sort By Theme

In a spreadsheet, sort the questions by topics. Now you can create multiple Q&A videos to address the questions. Sticking with the Yoga example, you can do a variety of videos explaining the health benefits, the origins, and the best tips for yoga. Remember, a Q&A video isn't a demonstration. So keep your video focused on answering questions.

Collaborate with Specialists

We have a blog post on why collaboration videos are a must, and Q&A videos lend themselves perfectly to this. If you are a Yoga Studio, partner with a local medical professional to answer questions about the health benefits of yoga. Not only does this take the (research) load off of you, but it creates the perfect cross-promotion opportunity.

Feeling Bold? Go live!

If you have a fairly active audience, utilize livestreaming by doing a live Q&A. You may want to ask a friend or two to be ready to jump in if your audience is too timid to speak up. Facebook Live has a great function that allows people to comment in real time while watching, which is perfect for a Q&A session.


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