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Top 3 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

New Year's Resolutions are a great way to prepare for the new year. Use this time to do something different and exciting for your branding. Here are three tips to add to your digital marketing strategy for 2022.

new year digital marketing strategy

1) Create more social media videos

Videos on social media get shared 1200x more than photo or text posts. For the new year, plan to double the amount of videos you post on social media. Videos can be used to announce new products, share consumer reviews, and raise brand awareness. Remember: format your videos to match site-specific specs so that they perform the best. Here are our Tech Specs guides for posting on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

2) Create vlog posts

Blog posts are a great way to increase website traffic. Embedding videos in your blog posts can increase that number. Video on your website drives a 157% increase in organic traffic. Not only that, but blog posts that include a video get 300% more inbound links than blog posts with text alone. For 2022, aim to have a video imbedded in every blog post you publish.

3) Create a brand guide

If I tell you that I'm thinking of a brand with a blue background and a yellow asterisk, you would probably guess Walmart. Branding is more than just your company name - it is about colors, fonts, logos, and how you use them. Creating a brand guide means you determine what, how, and when to use stylistic elements. Staying consistent is a great way to keep make your brand more recognizable. Do you use an intro in your videos? Do you end each video with a bumper? What logo do you use as a bug? What font do you use in your on-screen graphics? Coming up with a Best Practices or Standard Operating Practices (SOP) for how to create your digital marketing content is a great way to solidify your brand.


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