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3 Ways to Show You're Thankful to Your Clients

This week, we want to focus on low-cost ways to give thanks to your clients. Other than it just being a generally nice thing to do around Thanksgiving and the winter holidays, giving back to your clients can make a huge impact. Showing thanks helps build customer relations and increases retention. Essentially, when customers know we appreciate them, they're more likely to come back. Another great thing about client gifts are that they are generally tax deductible up to $25 (please note: we are NOT accountants. Please talk to your accountant before writing off any expenses on your taxes). Keep reading for our top 3 ways to show that you're thankful to your clients!

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1) Local Treat Box

Treat boxes have become the new gift baskets, and we are so here for it. We love partnering with local bakeries and restaurants to send clients treats around the holidays. Picking a smaller, local shop to work with shows your clients that you not only care about them, but are also invested in the community. Doing so can even facilitate connections with fellow small business owners in your area. Something else we love about treat gift boxes is how incredibly versatile they are. They are typically available in a wide variety of sizes, themes, and price tags. Just keep in mind that shipping and handling do not go towards your $25 deduction limit. Another tip, if you are sending the box to an entire office, then you can write off $25 per person in that office. That's another reason we love treat boxes - the whole team can enjoy them!

2) Branded Swag

Who doesn't love swag? Giving out free goodies with your logo is a perfect way to both advertise for your business and show that you appreciate your clients. In fact, anything with your logo on it qualifies as a Marketing expense, not a Client Gift. This means you can say goodbye to that $25 deduction limit. Literally all you have to do is make sure your logo is included. Plain water bottles, pens, bags, etc, cap off at $25 per gift; the exact same items--just with your logo added--there is no per-person limit. There are loads of websites to order swag, ranging from low cost to high-end. However, if you're a small business with a handful of clients, DIY swag is probably the way to go. We love using our Cricut machine to make custom client gifts. This can also bring more personality to your swag, making your business feel more human and unique.

3) Donate to a Local Charity

This might seem a bit of a cop-out, but, once again, it shows your clients that you care about them AND the community. Giving to a local charity is perfect for businesses with "small ticket" customers (as opposed to "large ticket" clients). This way, you can show your appreciation to all customers without giving every single one a gift. We suggest making a poll on social media (just about every platform has an easy-to-use polling feature) to gauge interest. See what your clientele care about the most, and choose a local charity accordingly. You really can't go wrong with this one, especially because donations to a 509 charity are not restricted to the $25 deduction limit.


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