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Brand Video Ideas to Get More Clients

Corporate video (any branded video content related to your small business or brand) can play a huge role in a business's success. Social media continues to grow as a leading marketing platform, and videos are the way to stand out. 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business, and 58% of users say they feel more connected to a brand after learning their story. There's no better way to make that connection online than with a video. Keep reading our blog for ways to use video to boost your business and get more clients and customers.

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1) About Video

Let's be honest: Every business needs an about video, and it needs to stay updated. This is especially crucial for service-based companies, as it gives clients more authentic insight on what it's like working with you. A video can convey your personality, energy, and process far better than still photos or a block of text. The industry (and all-around more business-y) term for the "about" is "value proposition video." Whatever you want to call it, this video needs to convey the value you and your brand bring to the table. This is a chance to connect with your audience and show exactly what you have to offer. AWV just updated our about video, and we are so excited to share it with you. Play the video at the top of this page to check it out!

2) Product Demo Video

Long before the Internet, product demo videos were working wonders for businesses and brands. The overwhelming success of TV product ads paved the way for entire channels to play product videos 24/7 (think QVC and the Home Shopping Network). Thanks to the Internet and social media, these types of videos have never been more accessible for brands to create and share. When online shopping, 84% of people will make a purchase after watching a product video. This type of content is the perfect way to explain and demonstrate exactly what you're selling. When you provide an in-depth look into your product, consumers can be sure that it's definitely the right fit for their needs. For instance, AWV has been working with a company that sells lunch bags. We've been sure to not only showcase what the bags look like, but also how much the bags hold and the overall size when someone is wearing them.

3) Tip Videos

Who doesn't love a good life hack video? Tip videos are a great way to incorporate buzz words and trends into your branded videos, as well as capturing the attention of viewers who otherwise wouldn't stop scrolling for a business's post. Tip videos can position your brand as a thought leader and offer value beyond your products or services. They're also great as filler social media posts when you don't have active updates. Even more, this type of content can be perfect for imbedding into blog posts or rounding out different pages on your website. Basically, we can't stress enough how versatile these videos can be! AWV just recently worked with a restaurant coach to create her own social media tip videos. In 30-second clips, she gives advice for small start-ups on how to start your own restaurant. These videos help her business reach a wider audience and encourage engagement with potential clients.

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