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The Best Settings for posting a Facebook Video

Facebook videos are an easy way to connect with your audience. Keep your consumers entertained and stay top of mind by sharing brand videos. Your audience will be able to interact with your Facebook videos by liking, commenting, and even sharing with their friends as well. Facebook has evolved over the years, so you can now post videos up to 25 minutes long. However, Facebook still has upload restrictions that you need to look out for. Here are three tips to make sure that your videos are exported the best for Facebook.

facebook export

1) Aspect ratio should be 16:9 with with an ideal resolution of 1280x720

You want your video to be ideal for your audience. Facebook allows you to show your videos in the traditional aspect ratio of 16:9. This is the typical format for watching long videos or movies. The resolution of 1280x720 refers to the highest amount of pixels that can be in the frame. Facebook suggests this resolution so that you are able to export a lengthy video while keeping it at a reasonable size. Keep in mind, a video with a higher resolution will force Facebook to downsize your video, resulting in lower quality.

2) Video codec should be H.264 to give you a .mp4 file

H.264 format with a .mp4 file allows your audio and video to be compressed separately, making the size smaller while maintaining a high quality. Facebook recommends that you export your videos in this format for the best results. We suggests using an editing software, such as Final Cut, to export your video in the best compression settings while satisfying Facebook's video guidelines.

3) Video length up to 25 mins at 30fps or less

FPS is short for "Frames per Second," and refers the number of pictures (or frames) the camera captures in one second. The standard framerate is 24fps or 30fps, but some cameras and phones will film at 60fps or higher. Facebook only wants you to use a framerate of 30fps or less. This helps keep the file size smaller. The longer your video is, the larger its file size will be. The great thing about Facebook is that you're able to upload longer videos compared to other social media sites. For example, Instagram only lets you upload up to 3 minutes of video. We suggest that you make your video a maximum of 25 minutes at 30fps to keep the best quality without making the size too large.


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