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The Top 5 Reasons You Should Make a "Top 5" Video

Articles with lists are very popular and for good reason. Lists present information in a quick, easy to digest format. Why not take a proven formula for blogs and turn into a format for videos? Here are our Top 5 reasons you should make a "Top 5" list video.

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1: List videos are fun to watch and easy to make

"Top 5" videos give you bite-sized content that is perfect for social media. That means you can leave out the filler and only use the most concise graphics for your video. Less footage, less editing, and more time to spend on other projects.

2: "Top 5" videos list the way your brand solves problems

Instead of focusing your entire video on just your brand, focus the video on a problem. Instead of "The Top 5 Best Teas" try "The Top 5 Ways to Get a Restful Night's Sleep." The second header is something people are more likely to look for and then share on social media. Your brand doesn't have to be the whole list, but make sure it get's a good spot!

3: Lists inspire customers to use your products in new and fun ways

You know your products better than anyone. Help your customers think outside the box by listing unconventional ways they can use your products. Unlike a DIY video, your list should be short and sweet. Bonus: link specific DIY videos to your "Top 5" video to get more views.

4: The phrase "Top 5" has high interest on Google Searches

Google analytics rate the phrase "Top 5" as a high interest search topic. By utilizing popular phrases in your titles and hashtags, you increase the visibility of your videos.

5: Find new audiences by connecting your brand with similar search topics

Create a "Top 5" list for something that is tangentially related to your brand. This can get your video in front of new audiences. "The Top 5 Ways To Destress" can end with "Relax and find your center at our Yoga Studio." Instead of only reaching people looking for Yoga, you've reached a broader audience who can benefit from your brand. Don't feel like every bullet point should be about your company. A simple call to action at the end to tie in your business is all you need.


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