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How to Make a Great DIY Video

The DIY audience is huge, and they are looking for inspiration. 47% of DIYers buy featured products after watching a DIY video. Tapping into this market can grow your brand. Here are our tips for how to make a great DIY video.


How Does Your Product Fit in the DIY World?

First and foremost, do DIY videos work for your brand? DIY lends itself to promote products rather than services, so service-based companies may not be a right fit. If your company sells products, you've hit the first check mark. "Crafty" products (such as yarn, nails, glue, etc) are made for DIY. Just because your product isn't "Crafty" doesn't mean it can't benefit from a DIY video. The key is to think outside of the box. Can your products be repurposed? If you sell clothes, you can do DIY videos on how to upcycle old shirts into pillows. If your product comes in packaging (like a bottle or jar), do DIY videos on how to create something out of the packaging. Even if your product isn't the star of the show, your brand can still benefit from DIY exposure.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Make sure your video utilizes easy-to-follow steps. Don't burry your instructions amongst paragraphs of dialog. Make sure each step is only one or two sentences long. People want to be able to pause the video, complete a step, and then start the video again. Be sure to include on-screen graphics as well as voice over instructions.

Close Up on the Action

This video is not about the person, but about the process. Be sure to utilize close-up shots of what the host is doing. Close-ups on hands gluing pieces together is much more helpful than a medium shot on the host's face as they explain what to do. The golden rule for any video is especially true for DIY: show don't tell.

Mention Your Product without Being an Ad

People watch DIY videos because they're fun and informative. It's easy to lose the audience if you go into a spiel about the long history your brand has of doing whatever your brand does. It's crucial to mention your product by name, but that's about all you need to do. "Today's supplies are a bottle of Elmer's Glue, string, and glitter." Add in a close-up shot of your product with your brand logo on it. If your specific product isn't in the video, you can add your brand into the title. "Angela Wolf Video Presents How To Use Natural Light." You just need something quick and simple so that your brand is mentioned, but your audience doesn't feel like they are watching a commercial.


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