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How to Make a Brand Profile Video

We know that utilizing video marketing has become crucial to successful brand awareness and growth. But what, exactly, would that entail? The first place to start is a profile brand video--a quick synopsis of your business wrapped up in a captivating clip. Video marketing can achieve a 54% increase in brand awareness, and businesses that use video content can grow 49% faster than those who don't. Keep reading for a crash-course in profile brand videos.

brand profile video

1) Give a High Level Overview of Your Company

The very nature of video as a medium allows us to engage our audience in a multitude of ways, both concurrently and in a short period of time. An effective brand profile video communicates all the basics of your business, what it has to offer, and how it can benefit the viewer. You'll need to include your company's purpose/mission statement, the clients you serve (if applicable), an overview of your services/products, how what you do is a cut above the rest, and a call to action with ways for viewers to contact you. Make sure to keep your video authentic and personal--this will add a human dimension to your business. Your brand profile video can also include your company's history, testimonials, and answers to FAQs--just keep it under three minutes.

2) Express Your Brand's Style

Every aspect of your brand profile video--the images, music, speed, editing style, etc.--is a reflection of what your company is about. Beyond the actual content about your business, your video is essentially a vibe check. The stylistic aspects communicate your brand's personality and implicit goals. Because of this, profile videos can also be a particularly effective way for you and your target audience to find each other. On the flip side, when your video is authentic and captivating enough, you can pique the interest of people who would otherwise keep scrolling if you had posted text or a static image. To get an accurate reflection of your brand's style, we highly recommend getting a professional (like us!) to create your profile video. We can nail the stylistic elements that capture your business via polished, professional content. Need an example? Check out our brand profile video.

3) Share it Everywhere

Don't be afraid to post your brand video everywhere you can--your business is important, and the video will showcase that! The first place to go is YouTube. Uploading videos on the site increases your likelihood of appearing in Google search results. YouTube also provides access to a relatively wide range of audience demographics. Generally speaking, uploading videos to YouTube can significantly increase your business's visibility. From there, you need to post your brand profile video on--you guessed it--your social media profiles! You'll also post it on your business's website, and really anywhere else that makes sense to you. Next, be sure to send it out in an email blast to your mailing list. Your video is worth the watch! When writing descriptions, use keywords for SEO optimization--more visibility for your business. There are a variety of free websites that assist generating relevant keywords for your content, such as WordStream. Along the same lines, don't forget to use hashtags when appropriate. Check out HootSuite's Ultimate Guide to Instagram Hashtags 2023.


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