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How To Choose The Right Photo Studio Near Me

You may recall, we recently talked about things to look for when choosing a video studio. However, looking for the right PHOTO studio can can come with separate challenges. Photo studios typically have slightly different specs that could make all the difference for your project. Keep reading for three things to look out for when choosing the right photo studio near you.

find the right photo studio near me

1) What Lighting Will You Use?

Right off the bat, we're differing from video--indoor video shoots tend to avoid windows and natural light altogether. On the other hand, indoor photo shoots will use both natural and artificial light. Before booking a studio, you need to determine exactly what kind of lighting you will be using. If you're using natural light, be conscious of how many windows are in the studio and which direction(s) they're facing. Remember: Natural light changes throughout the day, visibly altering shoots; those changes need to be accounted for depending on time of day. Meanwhile, if you are using artificial lights, then you need to know how many outlets the studio has. Do they have gear available (lights, stands, flash kits, etc) or will you need to bring everything? If you need to black out any windows, is it possible and practical to do so?

2) What Background Do You Want?

Background and shot composition are more factors you need to determine before booking a photo studio. What type of background will your photos have? Can the studio provide it, or will you need to bring it? Paper rolls and brick walls are fairly common to have at a studio (we've got both at our video studio!). Think about your desired look for the completed photos... do you want an industrial look to your shoot? Something more soft and playful? Dramatic and avant-garde? How will a potential studio help you achieve your vision? Do you need set pieces (bed, chair, stool, etc)? Some things, like small props, are easy enough for a photographer to bring. However, when it comes to using pieces of actual furniture or full backdrops, it gets a lot trickier to handle that by yourself. Be on the lookout for a studio that already has what you need or can easily help accommodate you.

3) What Amenities Do You Need?

When working with models, you NEED an onsite changing area--ideally a private bathroom or adjoining room. More often than not, your model/client is going to want at least one outfit change during the shoot. Depending on the type of shoot, it may be awkward, uncomfortable, or impractical for a client to walk down a hallway or up/down a flight of stairs to find a private room to change. Talent wearing intricate costume designs may have a difficult time navigating while in full makeup/costume, and may even need someone to help. In general, clients may feel uncomfortable being done-up or looking a certain way for a shoot while having to share a public bathroom/space to make that look happen. You always want to provide privacy and accessibility to your clients. Think about what they need to determine what you need. Other amenities to consider include reception/waiting area, makeup station, parking, gear loading zone, AC/heating, and nearby restaurants.

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