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How To Choose The Right Video Studio Near Me

We recently talked about the benefits of filming in a studio over hiring a crew to come to you to film. But how do you figure out which studio is right for you? In some areas, there may be a ton of choices. All the little details and differences among your options can be tricky to parse out and become overwhelming. But never fear! Just keep these three questions in mind, and you can find the perfect video studio near you!

video studio near me

1) Where Is The Studio Located?

Thinking about location might sound a little obvious, but there's actually quite a bit to it. First, you need to think about the logistics of getting to the location. Consider both the cast and crew (and anyone else who will be on set). Is it relatively easy for everyone to get to the studio? Will anyone need parking? Does the studio need to be in reasonable walking distance of public transport? You also need to think about the building and how you'll be navigating once you've arrived. Is there a loading zone for gear? If not, is parking close enough to lug all your gear from the car? Next, is the studio on the ground floor of the building? We know from experience how draining it can be to carry all your gear across lots, up steps, and through narrow hallways and tight elevators. This can take a lot out of the crew and consume valuable time from the shoot.

2) Is The Studio Quiet?

We cannot stress enough how crucial it is that you use a video studio, NOT a photo studio, when filming a video. A plethora of little details contribute to whether or not a space is usable when recorded audio, regardless of how quiet it sounds to us when we're standing in it. Video studios, however, are fully equipped to achieve the silence that is pivotal for filming. For ideal recording conditions, it's recommended that ambient noise level needs to be around 25db-30db (about as loud as a library). It's also important that there are no echo or reverb when people talk in the studio space. Some features such as metal walls and tile floors create significant echos in the recording. Windows will also negatively affect your audio, since they allow outside noises to leak into your filming space.

3) Does The Studio Fit Your Budget?

To answer this question, you first need to know what to include in your budget. How long will you need the studio for? Some studios only rent by the day, while others rent by the hour. You also need to pay attention to the size of the studio. You want there to be enough room for your set up, the gear, and the crew. However, bigger isn't always better. Larger spaces cost more to rent, and often need more equipment to light the space. It's like Goldilocks - you want to find a video studio that's size is just right.

Figuring out the specific logistics of your shoot before looking for a studio plays a huge role in finding a space that fits your project's size, specs, and budget. Always stay on the lookout for video studios that offer a Monthly Membership or a discounted day rate. And we beg you to remember: If you stumble across a studio rate that seems too good to be true, it could very well be a photo studio. As mentioned above, those type of studios are great for any photo work or MOS filming (videos without talking), but are ill-equipped to record any kind of audio.

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