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Should You Film in a Video Studio?

We are beyond thrilled to announce that we are in the process of opening our very first video studio space! This will allow us to offer more services at more affordable prices to our clients. As ever, we continue to offer filming services to meet clients and film in their office or on-location for their business. However, in our professional opinion, filming in a studio makes for a better video. Keep reading for our top 3 reasons why we recommend opting for a studio shoot when filming your next corporate video.

video studio in philadelphia

1) Video Studios Have Better Gear

While we bring high-quality gear to our on-location shoots, studio gear tends to be better. When filming on-location, we have to be conscious of the client's space. That means we can't bring in gear that takes up too much room. We can't use gear that will scuff the floor or dent the walls. We can't screw a light into the ceiling. But when filming in a dedicated studio space, we have access to more gear and can do more with it. Video studios can also guarantee better technology, such as high-speed internet for livestreams and village video capabilities. Think about hiring a professional chef. Yes, they can come to your house and cook you an amazing meal. But if you go to their restaurant, they now have access to professional grade kitchen equipment. They can create a meal in less time, make less of a mess, and present you with an incredible dish.

2) You Won't Disrupt Others In Your Office

When clients hire us to film in their office, they typically have to block off a conference room. This takes space and resources away from employees and/or their customers. Filming on-location like this also requires more extensive planning and scheduling. You'll need to make sure that filming won't disrupt any typical--or atypical--daily operations. If an emergency comes up at the office, you either have to cancel filming or ignore it. Also, many office/business spaces have layouts that are not conducive to filming. This could force awkward angles, cuts, or frame compositions. When filming at a video studio, you don't need to worry about any of these factors. Filming won't interfere with your employees, clients, or office workflow. Obviously, you'll still need to schedule a time to reserve the studio; however, it's guaranteed that there will be no interruptions in either filming or daily operations. As we'll discuss more in a second, this is especially important when it comes to sound...

3) Video Studios Have Better Sound

If you've ever tried to film anything (on your phone counts), you're probably aware that getting sound to record clearly, without any unwanted background noise, is pretty tricky. It's especially difficult when filming on-location, where employees and/or customers will be on the phone, in meetings, or walking around tile floors in high-heels. However, when filming in a video studio, you don't have to worry about sound issues. It's important to note here, that you need a video studio for filming--not a photography studio. This is critical! Photography studios do not have soundproofing, which is absolutely necessary for high-quality video shoots. In contrast, video studios have soundproofing that not only keeps outside noises out, but reduces reverb and echo inside the filming space. It's the only way to ensure that your audio is crisp, clean, and professional!

The AWV video studio in Philadelphia will be up and running soon! Subscribe to our blog to stay up-to-date with our progress. Or, you can email us to schedule a (free) private showing of the space.


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