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How Do You Hire Top Level Talent?

Hiring the right person for the right job can be tricky. How do you attract top level talent to your company? Recruiting videos are quickly becoming one of the most used tools by businesses. We took a look at why career videos are so popular.


1) 65% of North American Employers Plan to Invest in Video Job Descriptions

A Video Job Description is one of the simplest types of recruiting videos. The video can include the hiring manager (or your recruiter) explaining the job requirements. Don't be afraid to keep the bullet points short while highlighting the soft skills your company is looking for.

2) Posting Videos on your Careers Page Increases Traffic by 157%

Video is one of the best ways to increase your SEO. While we typically think about SEO in terms of customers finding your website, we want potential employees to find you as well! The video you post on your career page can be broader, and it should be higher production value than a job description video. The career page video should talk about your company and culture. This video helps you find employees whose values match with your brand.

3) 78% of Recruiters Believe Video has Improved the Quality of Applicants

Getting more applications is good, but getting more quality applications is better. Recruiters find that they get better applicants when they use a video in a job posting. One reason might be because the job posting stands out from others. Another reason is that more information can be conveyed in a video than just through a text post alone. Sharing a video about your company culture can help weed out applicants who don't fit with your brand.

What does a Recruiting Video Look Like?

We created a company culture video for a Philadelphia Startup called FORT Robotics. They keep this video on their career page to attract new applicants. Take a look below!


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