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Why You Need to Make a Teaser Video

Your brand has a big announcement to make! Maybe you are launching a new product. Maybe you are moving to a new location. Whatever your exciting news may be, creating a teaser video is a must. Here are our 3 reasons why you should make a teaser video.


Generate more interest for your announcement

You have something new to tell the world, and that's pretty exciting. The problem is, the world doesn't know they should be excited too. Think of it like a birthday gift. Half of the fun is the anticipation of finding out what you are going to get. Teaser videos do just that. A teaser should be short, a little vague, and very intriguing. Grab your audience's attention without telling them what it's about. This creates buzz around your brand. Which leads us to reason number two....

Stay top of mind

In 2021, the average person is estimated to see 6,000-10,000 ads a day. Yes. In the next 24 hours, you'll see thousands of ads. Now more than ever, it's easy for your brand to get lost in the noise. Creating a teaser video in addition to an announcement video helps keep your brand fresh in your audience's mind. Do not expect your costumers to see your post today and then remember it tomorrow. More posts means more exposure. A good teaser video will also create buzz, sparking conversations. That leads us to reason number three....

If it's good enough for the Bigs, it's good enough for the Smalls

Think of teaser videos like a movie trailer. Paramount doesn't just release a movie one day and say, "Hey guess what's out right now!" They put out trailers for the movie months in advance. This creates buzz of "oh have you seen the new movie coming this summer? It looks so cool!" People talk about it and share the video with their friends. If the large corporations think there is value in pre-announcement videos, then it is definitely something smaller brands should take note of.


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