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Why You Need to Make a "History Of" Video

The world has come a long way in the past 4.6 billion years. Whether your business is traditional or postmodern, sharing your history is a great way to connect with audiences. Here are 3 types of "History Of" videos, and why you need to make (at least) one of them.

history of

What is your origin?

People buy from people they like, so help your audience get to know you! Make a "History Of BRAND" video. Who are the founders? Why did they create the company? Where did the company start? Where is it now?

Tell us the history of the type of product you offer

People connect through stories. Tell the story of your product or service through a "History Of PRODUCT" video. Are you a tea shop? Make a "History Of Tea" video telling the complex (and often bloody) history of the tea trade. This is a great way to connect with an audience that is interested in the services or products you sell, but might not know about your brand yet. This should not feel like an ad. Only mention your brand at the end with a Call to Action. A bug (or logo in the corner of the frame) is a subtle but great way to brand the video.

How does your brand fit in?

People want to understand others better. Help them understand your brand by making a "History of SERVICE" video. Has your company built a better mousetrap? Make a video about the old way of doing things compared to your new approach. Or maybe your company is taking it back to basics. Explain how you follow the traditions of your craft to create the best service for your costumers. Unlike the last example, this video should focus more on your brand and the way YOU do things.


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