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Why Marketing is Important

There is more to marketing than just promoting products or services. Marketing is a comprehensive way to introduce your company, engage with your audience, and promote your goods and services. That's why marketing is a must—not just to promote but to build and grow your brand name and community.

why marketing is important

1) Solidify Brand Identity

Marketing helps solidify your brand identity. You'll want to tell people who you are and what you value. Essentially, the goal of your brand identity is improve brand recognition, awareness, consideration, and value through the growth of a loyal customer base. Any audience member should be able to easily recognize your brand anywhere when you have a consistent brand identity. Consistent, solid marketing helps achieve this. For example, consider 2020's #1 strongest brand Coca-Cola. Consumers know them because their brand identity is integrated into everything in a meaningful, engaging way–from the packaging, to the marketing, to the taste.

2) Share Brand Values

Another important factor in marketing is sharing your brand values. These are the beliefs and principles that define what you do and what your company stands for. Your brand values establish your mission, your goals, and serve as an important roadmap to guide all other decisions you make for your company. They are the pillar of what is truly important to your company. Surveys show that 43% of consumers will trust a company whose brand values align with their own. That's why it's so important to establish your brand identity and brand values, and market them accordingly so they are visible and consistent throughout your communication strategy. For example, think of the shoe company Tom's. Their mission is to give back to underserved communities and ensure that every child could have shoes. They are known for their 1-for-1 program where they donate a pair of shoes for every pair purchased by a consumer.

3) Create Better Brand Communication

Brand communication is the umbrella term for any type of communication to your customers. From ads to social media posts to conversations between consumers and employees, brand communication matters. Marketing creates better brand communication by considering brand identity and brand values when building the marketing strategy. The most important thing to consider when thinking about your brand communication is consistency - from the word choice to the tone you use, every element should have the same through-line. An ad, an instagram post, a customer service email, should all convey the same values and identity.


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