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What Is A Video Business Card?

So... is it a video that's a business card... or a business card that's a video? Both of these exist, actually. Some business cards are decked out with a tiny screen (yes, this is a real thing, and it's definitely worth the Google search). Others contain QR codes or NFC chips that can direct consumers to videos and websites on their smartphones. Either way, a video business card is another valuable tool for your brand--keep reading for our top three reasons why.

why use a video business card

1) It Can Be Shared Digitally

Unlike a paper business card, videos can easily be shared with many people. While it's nice to have a physical item to hand to someone in a networking meeting, business cards are limited to only the people you give them to. Then you have to hope that person doesn't misplace your card by the time they actually need to contact you. A video business card can (and should) be placed on your website's homepage. Add it to your social media. Include it in an email blast. With so many ways to find it (and share it), video has a much bigger impact. Including videos on your website is also beneficial for SEO and encourages engagement. That means people who you haven't even met yet can find your video business card and learn about your brand. We also suggest creating a separate landing page just for the digital business card. Include your video, email, phone number, and links to your social media accounts. This whole setup is a game-changer; the digital card opens up a ton of options that a traditional card can't. You're not limited by the size of the card or what the printing company is able to do. You can also include clear, easy-to-click links, as opposed to relying upon 7-point font URLs that need to be read and typed out in full to reach the video/website.

2) Video Is Engaging

Honestly, every time we see a paper business card, we IMMEDIATELY think of that scene in Mary Harron's American Psycho... cutthroat businessmen, sitting at a conference table, battling it out Pokemon-style with their (incredibly Spartan) business cards. The thing is... that scene plays so wonderfully because of the absurdity. No one pays that much attention to a business card. But on the other hand, a short branded clip is far more likely to stand out in someone's mind. Video allows you to put a face to a name, which is huge in small business. Letting your personality shine through grabs the attention of potential clients, making it easier for them to remember you. One of the best things about video business cards is that they allow you to showcase your brand's charm in such a way that viewers can begin connecting with you personally, before you even meet.

3) Video Increases Sales

This may seem a little simplistic, but, for all intents and purposes, it's true. Video business cards can be used to help drive sales, both in person and online. In person, you can use the video as an introduction for your sales pitch. These videos are especially helpful for products or services that need to be broken down or shown visually in order to convey the extent of your expertise. Incorporating an additional medium also makes for a more accessible pitch. People are more likely to get a clearer version of what you have to offer. That's why 84% of consumers have been convinced to purchase a product after watching a video (idomoo). Online, you can put the video on both your website and social media platforms. Unlike a regular business card, a video can tell you more about the company AND the person behind the brand. As mentioned above, videos allow you to build rapport with potential clients before you even meet them. Consumers are more likely to patronize the business that feels more relatable and accessible to them. By using branded videos, like video business cards, you can reach far more clients and customers than relying on traditional cards and pamphlets.


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