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Video Marketing for Real Estate Agents

If you're a real estate agent, realtor, or broker, then you need to be making videos for your business. Video marketing for real estate agents is an important way to reach new clients and sell more homes. Check out these three ways for real estate agents to use video marketing.

video marketing for real estate agents

1) Use listing videos to give a virtual tour

Listing videos are a great way for realtors to give a tour of a house virtually, showing off the home while telling audience about the features. People who are "on the fence" about seeing a property will be able to see all the qualities of the listing in a new light, bringing the house to life rather than just reading the stats of the listing on paper. A professional videographer will make sure your listing video is well lit, giving the space an open, airy feel and highlighting its best features.

2) Create an "about video" to introduce your agents

Introducing your agents in an about video is a great way to broaden your reach. These videos will grab potential clients' attention, showing them the real estate agents' personalities and expertise. Homebuyers want to feel confident in their choices -- both in the house they're hoping to purchase and the person they're looking to for guidance. That's you, realtors!

3) Create advice videos for YouTube

By producing content people are already searching for, you can get in front of new clients in an organic way. During the home search, 36% of people use videos as an informative source, according to the National Association of Realtors. Advice videos and "how to" videos like "what to look for during a home inspection" will help you attract new clients and offer value that shows your knowledge and experience.


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