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Small Business and Social Media

Wondering if a social media presence will be beneficial for your brand? The short answer is, "absolutely." Social networking sites play a pivotal role in the success of a small business. When you utilize a variety of platforms, your business becomes more accessible to your audience, customers, or clients. Simply maintaining a social media presence can create new opportunities to help your brand succeed. Here are our three tips on how to utilize social media in your small business.

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1) Social Media Increases Brand Awareness

Think: Where do you first encounter your favorite brands or businesses? 83% of Instagram users say they discover new brands while using the platform. Establishing your business across multiple platforms is a relatively cheap and effective way to become more visible. Utilizing social media enables a business to develop a cohesive brand. Your brand's online presence can be used to share your business's history, values, and missions. Further, use of social networking sites can humanize your business, allowing consumers to "put a face to the name" of your brand. An active social media profile can lead users to feel a sense of rapport with your business, even without direct interaction. Based solely on your business's profile, a previously indifferent user's interest can be piqued enough to follow your account. 57.5% of social users report that they are more likely to make purchases from a brand that they follow.

2) Social Media Platforms Offer Direct Marketing

Do you ever scroll through your feed and BAM--you see an ad for something that is so perfect for you that it's spooky? Your business can make this magic moment happen for your target audience. The very nature of social media platforms is conducive to curating advertising to users. Brands can easily reach specific audiences for individual posts or notifications. Paying to "promote" or "boost" posts on such sites can be a relatively simple, rewarding investment. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have built-in advertising options for business accounts. In this way, you can avoid the hassle and confusion of finding third-party advertising. If you're not quite ready to start paying for social media advertising--never fear! Hashtags make your posts more visible when users search terms that are related to your business or product. Additionally, social networking sites are ideal platforms for branded give-aways. Requiring users to "like," "save," "share," and/or interact with a post as a give-away entry can be a highly effective way to get your brand circulating.

3) Social Media Improves Communication

When you maintain a social media presence, you are creating a direct line of contact between your business and your customers. In doing so, it is crucial to to engage with your audience in addition to branding and marketing. Platforms make it easy to update customers regarding sales, unexpected closures, or new events. Your business's profile can be used to express customer appreciation and demonstrate that you are accessible. 71% of social users report that they are more likely to purchase from a brand that they have had a good experience with online. Additionally, social media creates another avenue for your customers to reach and interact with your business. Think: Would you be more likely to reach out to a brand if you could do so directly through their social platforms, as opposed to calling or emailing them? This is often the case for consumers who frequent these sites or apps. This type of accessible communication can directly lay the foundation for your business’s growth and success.


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