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How to Create a Marketing Video

3 Top Tips for Creating a Marketing Video

Marketing isn't just about sales, it's about storytelling. You can tell a story with video that captures your audience's attention, which will lead to engagement, which can lead to sales. A customer wants to know who they're working with and a marketing video can showcase the mission and values of your company as well as the great services you provide.

How to create a marketing video

1) Create a goal for the video

To create a compelling marketing video, you first need to understand your goal. Are you announcing a new service? Are you trying to build your client email list? Are you having a sale? Once you understand your "why" for the video, you can write a script that your ideal clients will connect with. For example, if you're an accounting firm looking for small businesses as clients, you can make a marketing video that highlights how they can better prepare for tax season, and how your services can help them save.

2) Incorporate SEO into the script

To make sure you're able to reach your ideal audience you need to use SEO keywords. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and these keywords help your video be more searchable. So, if you are using the right keywords, when someone searches for "Roofing companies," your marketing video will pop up in their search. You can incorporate keywords into your script as well as in your accompanying description of your video, and make sure to include closed captions as they help with SEO ranking as well. Close Captions are an important for accessibility tool for your viewers as well.

3) Include a Call to Action

A call to action (also known as CTA) helps your audience know what to do next. So, if you want your viewer to purchase your new product that you've showcased with your marketing video, you'd include a call to action telling them where to buy! Or, if you are growing your email list, you'd invite your viewer to sign up at the end of your video.


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