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How Often To Post on Social Media

Posting on social media can help you promote your business. However, not knowing what or when to post can affect the way consumers interact with your posts. Each social media platform has a slightly different climate for when users are the most engaged. Here are three suggestions for how often you should post on social media.

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1) Facebook: post once a day

Facebook's demographics tend to skew to an older audience. The platform recommends that you post once a day to your business page. Excessive posting can lead to your posts not being shown, or even having your page blocked. The good thing with Facebook is that your posts will stay forever, unless deleted, so that leaves consumers to interact with your posts in the future.

2) Tiktok: post three times a day

Tiktok is the newest frontier in video marketing, so it's important to utilize the platform. Tiktok is a fast paced platform in which thousands of people post videos all day long. The good thing about Tiktok is that consumers are able to like, share, comment and even save videos to share via text or on other social media platforms. We suggest posting at least three times a day so that your videos get the traffic you need for your business growth.

3) Instagram: post three to five times a week

Instagram allows you to add multiple videos or pictures all to one post. This is beneficial when it comes to posting things like tutorials or brand content. We suggest that you post on Instagram at least three to five times a week to keep your consumers in the loop. Instagram's algorithm shares content from pages that post regularly, but oversharing can flag your page as spam.


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