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Why is Vlogging Important?

Digital marketing is key to any successful business, and vlogging is one of the best tools out there. Creating new content on your website and social media helps boost your SEO, but does it really matter what type of content it is? The stats say yes. Here are our top three reasons why you should be creating video content for your brand.


1) 43% of consumers want more video content from marketers

Yes, your audience does want to hear from you. And no, they don't want an impersonal gif you reposted because it's what the kids are doing these days. People buy things from people they like. Videos can build trust between brands and consumers because the audience feels as though they know more about the company. Don't just be a faceless logo. Add vlogs to your social media and website to connect with your audience.

2) Adding video to your blog can increase organic traffic by 50x

Blogs are great. We all know that regularly updating your website (like with blog content) helps tell Google that your website is active and ready for views. But embedding a video into your blog is even better. One reason is that it gives Google another thing to crawl through on your page to find keywords. Another reason is that video takes more effort to create than text alone, so Google prioritizes it.

3) 74% of marketers say that videos have a better ROI than images alone

Return on investment is crucial to small businesses. Small margins means every penny you spend has to be worth it. Video brings in more clicks, more engagement, and more sales than images or text. That's why marketers are willing to put money into it.


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